Ice hockey players who look down at the puck while playing are situationally unaware. They are more prone to concussive checks and selfish play.


    The wearable Look Trainer solves the 'head down' problem through timely auditory alerts.

    It is simple, when you look down, an audible alarm sounds until you look back up again.


    Over time, the Look Trainer can increase your on-ice awareness allowing you to make better plays and avoid more checks.

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  • 1. STRAP

    On the right side of the helmet, weave the clip into the existing strap.

  • 2. SNAP

    Snap the Look Trainer onto the strap.

  • 3. TAP

    Tap the power button. Then, looking straight forward, tap the calibrate button.

  • 4. TRAIN

    See the ice like never before with the Look Trainer.

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